Difference between-lip balm vs chapstick vs lip gloss vs lip stick vs Lip Conditioner

Difference between-lip balm vs chapstick vs lip gloss vs lip stick vs Lip Conditioner

Nowadays, we are quite active in taking care of our lips and to protect them from dryness. The dryness in lips leads to more serious problems such as chapped and peeling lips. In addition, UV rays of the sun are really very harmful for the lips. For moisturizing the lips and sealing the hydration of lips is done by using lip products. These lip products make the lips hydrated, smooth and soft. In this article we have discussed comparision of lip balm vs chapstick vs lip gloss vs lip stick vs Lip Conditioner. Check Best natural organic lip balms to make lips naturally pink from dark lips.

But the availability of various lip products such as lip balm, lip gloss, lip stick and chapstick give rise to confusion as when and which one should be used. Don’t put all the products in one basket only as these are separately used for different purposes. The lip balm is not a lip gloss and a lip gloss is not a chapstick. A lipstick is different from these lip products.

 lip balm vs chapstick vs lip gloss vs lip stick

Lip balm vs chapstick

The main difference Between Lip Balm and Chapstick are used interchangeably as sometimes refer as the same products. But they are not the same ones. Lip balm is basically a wax like substance which is mainly used to get relieve from the dry and cracked lips. It creates the protective layer over the lips to lock down the moisture and protect them from the drying effects of the cold weather. It’s general ingredients are paraffin, beeswax/Carnauba wax SPF and so on. It will provide the soothe lips.

However, Chapstick is a brand for the lip balm. It is like some lip balm only which comes in the lipstick style tube. So, one can say that it is a kind of lip balm only but not all lip balms are Chapstick. When you are using lip balm of some other brand then don’t say that it is a chapstick.

Lip gloss vs Lipstick

The difference between lip gloss and lipstick are below.

What is the difference Between Lip Balm And Lipstick ?

Lip balm and lipstick are two separate products that are used for lips. In general, Lip Balm is applied on the lips to get relief from the dryness, stomatitis, angular cheilitis, cold sores and chapped lips.

In contrast, lipstick is used as the cosmetic product to offer colour to lips. Lipsticks are available in various shades like pink, brown, red and much more. You will find many different shades of lipsticks in every cosmetic brand. You will find many types of the lipsticks such as Sheer Lipstick, Matte Lipstick and so on.

Which is better lip balm or lipstick?

Both these products offer different uses and benefits. If one is suffering from the issues of dry and chapped lips, then using lip balm will be more beneficial to them as lip balm will offer the protection from dryness and will help the person in healing the dry and chapped lips.


On the other hand, if the woman wants to use lipstick, then the main purpose for using it is she wants to apply colour on her lips and want to look more elegant and bold.

However, adding lipstick to lips in the case of dry lips will only add the more problem, so in case of dry lips try to avoid using lipstick. In case, you are using it, then don’t forget to apply lip balm first on your lips.

Lip Conditioner Vs Lip Balm

Lip Conditioner is emollient based balm which conditions the lips, give shine to the lips and lock down the moisture in the lips. It is a kind of Lip Balm but just like other lip balms, it is not the wax based lip balm. It forms a perfect base for using lipstick on lips and helps the lipsticks to glide perfectly on lips.

Lip Gloss Vs Lip Balm

As if now, it is clear that the lip balm is used for protection purpose and it is kind of lip treatment and Lip Gloss helps in adding luster as well as shine to make the lips brighter.

We hope this article cleared the difference between lip balm, chapstick, lipsick, lip gloss and Lip Conditioner.