Yoga for Your Digestive System

Yoga for Your Digestive System

Although yoga is prominently known as a physical discipline, there is lot more to yoga than its physical benefits. It helps you experience a sense of ease and well-being and thereby helps you create a life that is filled with harmony and vitality. While yoga has many benefits, here are the top three health benefits it has to offer in reference to your digestive system.


Digestion is a complex process in which our food is broken down into nutrients that our body uses for various functions. The main job of a digestive system is to break down this food, turn it into nutrients, and eliminate waste that is not needed by your body.
Our digestive system is supported by parasympathetic nervous system. Yoga poses aid help in effective functioning of parasympathetic nervous system and thereby helping our body with efficient food digestion and assimilation.


Posterior Stretch Pose, a pose in which internal organs are compressed and massaged, results in enhanced functioning of our digestive system because of increased blood circulation within and through these organs. This particular pose results in contraction of pelvic cavity muscles. Although the body does not move at all in this pose, the internal contraction of pelvic floor muscles impacts the organs located in that region and thereby results in effective functioning of digestive system.

Here’s how posterior stretch pose is performed:

  • Stretch out your legs so that your knees are straight
  • Position the palms of your hands on the respective knees and start bending forward with your head and trunk while you move your waist downwards. Continue with this movement until you reach your big toes without bending your knees
  • Rest your forehead on your knees while keeping your knees straight, breathe deep and continue with slow exhalation. Stay in this position as long as you are comfortable. Return back to normal position and breathe normal.